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As the name suggests, a flat roof is a roof which makes a small or non-existent angle with the horizontal. However, most flat roofs have a very slight inclination to allow for drainage. Modern flat roofs are created with the achievement of many purposes in mind. For instance, a flat roof can be created to be as aesthetically pleasing as an angled roof. The most common forms of flat roofs, like the ones on top of most skyscrapers, are made of concrete. But other materials such as metal, fibre glass, timber and even plant life are also in popular use. Most modern architects have used flat roofs as an additional living area for a building or house. The main variations of flat roofs are mainly distinguishable mainly from the covering material rather than the construction material. For instance, a concrete flat roof can be easily transformed in to a solar roof or a rooftop garden.

In addition to the increased habitable space, flat roofs are also quite cost effective to construct in comparison to regular pitch roofs. The surface area of a flat roof is much smaller than that of a pitch roof which greatly contributes to the cost reduction. But apart from the cost of construction, flat roofs are also helpful when it comes to minimizing heating and cooling costs. Heating costs can be reduced by a great deal with the employment of a solar roof. A solar roof is a flat roof which is covered with solar panels and the electricity generated by them could be effectively used for household duties such as heating. The next energy efficient variation is the roof top garden, or green roof. This would be ideal for a warmer climate where air conditioning costs could add up to your electricity bill. A green roof could also help reduce your carbon footprint.

A flat roofing system is a complete package which includes the plan, the materials and the handling of the entire construction process. A good roofing system provider or company usually have more than one option to offer and the client will have complete liberty and all the necessary knowledge to select the best fitting one for their building or house. The main factors that should be considered when you are trying to decide between the many roofing options are the feasibility, cost and structural stability. These three factors will be analyzed by your architect or your roofing installer to help you make the right choice.

The feasibility mainly takes in to account the climate and building regulations of your area of residence. For example, if you are thinking of putting on a solar flat roof, the angle of the sunlight will have to be considered to make the most of the available sunlight. As for building regulations, you may want to inquire with your local authorities to figure out if there are any rules or restrictions on putting up flat roofs.

The next step would be to figure out the structural elements. For instance, a concrete flat roof may be ideal for a ten storied steel building but will create massive structural problems for a house constructed from timber. A flat roof needs to be specially designed to make sure that it is able to withstand the effects of time. An architect, engineer or even a qualified roofing assistance provider will be able to sort out the structural considerations of a flat roof.

When it comes to the cost aspects, it is mainly the duty of a cost engineer. Once you have set up an initial budget, a complete cost analysis will be carried out to determine the labour cost, material cost and any other costs that may apply. The main thing that, you, as a client, needs to keep in mind is to settle not for the lowest cost option. But for the option that offers the most value for the amount spent.

The many benefits of a flat roof can be enjoyed from anyone at any part of the world of these factors are properly attended to before the actual construction begins.

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Flat Roofing Systems

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A flat roof is a roof with little or no inclination. There are many different types of flat roofs, each are clearly distinguishable from their covering materials. A flat roof is most commonly found constructed in concrete but the covering material may differ with accordance to various situations. Asphalt, reinforced polymers, timber and even live plants are popular materials that are used for flat roof covering.

The many benefits of a flat roof include the ability to turn the roof in to a habitable area, the ability to conserve energy and most importantly the low cost of construction. As flat roofs are the roof types with the lowest surface area, they are indeed the least expensive to construct, despite of the incorporated material. As for energy conservation, flat roofs can be easily converted in to solar roofs that generate electricity or in to green roofs that take a chunk out of your air conditioning expenses.

When it comes to the roofing installers, there are many in varying degrees of quality all over the world. When a client seeks the services of a flat roofing installation company, they need to be able to provide the latest innovations and to cater to any request made by a client. As for the professionals, they have to be well qualified and be able to improvise standard designs and adapt their skills to any presented situation.

A quality roofing installation services provider will have many options to present to even the most clueless clients with no previous experience or knowledge on flat roofs. The three main steps that have to be taken in a flat roof installation; the feasibility, structural stability and the cost will all be reviewed before the actual construction or roof installation begins. As each flat roofing situation is different, it is necessary to make sure that these facts are taken in to account in the inception stage.

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As a flat roofing installation company, our motive is to help our clients select a suitable flat roof for their building and to take on the task of constructing it. When it comes to professional qualifications, our company employs only the best engineers, quantity surveyors and roof installing experts to handle all aspects of your roof installation projects. We are fully flexible on our clients’ requirements and are fully equipped to give a quote on any design or idea a client may have for their flat roof. Apart from that, we are also able to carry on a feasibility study to make sure that the design is actually achievable. For those with no pre determined idea of how their roof will look like in all its completed glory, we have quite a few designs for them to review and select from.

A typical roofing installation project starts out with the complete assessment of the current status of your construction project. If the house or building is fully or partially completed, we will make sure that the installation of the new flat roofing system will not have a negative effect on the aesthetic appearance of the building or an adverse effect on any of the structural aspects. Our well qualified professional team will be able to sort out all of your technical and cost related issue as well as design related matters.

A flat roof can be quite a visually pleasing addition to a building. Whether you are aiming for a classic, timeless look or a more modern and contemporary setting, a flat roof can be beautifully arranged to serve either one of those requirements. Whatever your expectations from a flat roof may be, we are able to cater to it. As for the quality of the finished product, we will offer you a guarantee for the expected lifetime of the flat roof and will also instruct you on everything you need to know on its proper maintenance.

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